Girl Scouts Programs

girl_scoutsBadgerBOTS is excited to offer STEM workshops and classes for Girl Scouts of all ages. Girls can sign up individually for programs scheduled throughout the year. Troops of 6 or more can also contact us to schedule a private workshop at BadgerBOTS. All programs charge a small fee per girl to cover materials and staff costs. Troop leaders, parents, guardians or other adult chaperones must be on site during all BadgerBOTS programs with at least two adult per group.

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming Girl Scout Classes at this time. Check back soon or sign up to receive newsletter updates by adding your email to our list at the bottom of the page.

Schedule a Workshop

Several different workshop options are available for Girl Scout troops of all levels. Troop type, approximate time and price per girl are listed in the descriptions below. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop time or have any questions, please contact Johanna at (608) 831-6479 or

Solar Bug Bots

BristleBots (Daisy and Brownie, 1 hour, $10/girl)

Learn about different forms of energy and energy transfer by making cute BristleBots and SolarBugs. Chemical energy and Solar energy are the forms of potential energy which will be transformed into the Kinetic energy which makes these simple robots move. Take your creations home with you at the end.

Drawdio (Brownie and older, 1 hour, $10/girl)

Make a Drawdio paintbrush and a pencil that are also musical instruments. In this workshop you will learn what a circuit is and how it works. Then use what you have learned to make a noisy paintbrush and pencil and use them to create musical drawings. (Sorry – only your artwork and memories can be taken home. The Drawdio kits stay at BadgerBOTS.)

Made With Code (Brownie and Junior, 1.5 hours, $10/girl)

In this workshop, we will try fun and cool coding projects which help girls learn what code is and how female “makers” are using code in creative ways to solve problems, connect people, and make art. This workshop is a great compliment to a business tour or interview with a computer scientist or engineer.


Intro to LEGO Robotics GirlBOTS (Brownie and older, 3 hours, $15/girl)

Learn the basics of building and programming LEGO robots. Girls will build a robot able to move, learn to program the robot to travel a specific path, and experiment with sensors and how the robot detects and reacts to its surroundings.

3D Printing (Junior and older, 2 hours, $10/girl)

Learn about 3D printers and design your own 3D project to be printed! 3D printed models will take a few days to print and can be picked up at BadgerBOTS at a later date.

Games by Girls (Junior and older, 2 hours, $10/girl)

Explore online games made by girls and then learn to make your own game using Scratch, a free, online coding tool.