2020 FTC Championship

On Saturday, February 22, 2020 at MSOE in Milwaukee, WI, four of our five BadgerBOTS FTC teams competed in a competition for the title of Wisconsin FTC Champion and an invitation to the FIRST Tech Challenge Championship in Detroit, MI from April 28-May 2.  Congrats to teams 10686 Phoenix, 14064 Apple Crisp’r, 17235 Mr. Cod and 17395 Parabola Robotics.

Since September 7, 2019 these teams have been working on building, rebuilding, coding and recoding their robots.  Each of these teams competed in prior events to get the invitation to the Wisconsin Championship. 

The night before the Championship all of the BadgerBOTS teams went on a road trip to Milwaukee. All of the teams stayed at the Hilton Double Tree and had a fun pizza party featuring Ian’s pizza. We heard that the Mac-n-Cheese pizza was a hit.

FTC Pizza Party

At the Championship, teams where greeted by an awesome volunteer crew and judges that produced the highest caliber of events. Great job to everyone who volunteered.

After every team had 5 chances to run their robot, the robot game rankings came out and it was time for alliance selection.  In the rankings, Phoenix placed fifth and was a bit disappointed.  It didn’t last long because 10686 Phoenix was selected by 10829 Bay Robotics to be on their alliance along with 4116 Volta Robotics.  This alliance unfortunately didn’t make it passed the semi-finals.  This was a spectacular showing by 10686 Phoenix.

2020 FTC Championship Alliances

After the final robot games, the award ceremony started, in which 17395 Parabola received the Judges Award.  An award given to a team who stood out to the judges but didn’t place anywhere in the standard awards.  10686 Phoenix received 2nd place Connect, the Connect award is given to a team that does outstanding out reach to the community to spread the word about FIRST.

This season all five BadgerBOTS teams did extremely well on and off the game field.  They all worked with each other helping along the way, sharing space, and encouraging one another.  We are so proud of our FTC teams.

To see more photos from the Wisconsin FTC Championship, check out

FTC AwardPlaceTeamTeam Location/Affiliation
Judges17395 ParabolaBadgerBOTS
Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc.3rd6981 Hortonville RoboticsHortonville
2nd 8572 Wall-Y RoboticsWaterford
1st10100 Phoenix ForceMiddleton
Motivate3rd4605 RoboHackerzBeaver Dam
2nd14542 OVERRIDEHartland
1st13201 Team HazmatBrookfield
Design3rd8572 Wall-Y RoboticsWaterford
2nd 14631 Laser TechWales
1st8680 Kraken-PinonMequon
Collins Aerospace Innovate Award3rd7974 Great Scot!Mequon
2nd 16252  Ruh-RohTwo Rivers
1st 10829 Bay RoboticsWhitefish Bay
Connect3rd265 Viking RoboticsMilwaukee
2nd10686 PhoenixBadgerBOTS
1st4605 RoboHackerzBeaver Dam
Think3rd16310 Rising RhinobotsBrookfield
2nd6981 Hortonville RoboticsHortonville
1st7974 Great Scot!Mequon
Finalist AllianceCaptain13201 Team HazmatBrookfield
1 Pick14631 Laser TechWales
2 PickRising RhinobotsBrookfield
Winning AllianceCaptain10100 Phoenix ForceMiddleton
1 Pick8680 Kraken-PinionMequon
2 Pick14542 OVERRIDEHartland
Inspire Award3rd8680 Kraken-PinonMequon
2nd 10829 Bay RoboticsWhitefish Bay
1st4106 Supposable ThumbsNew Berlin