2020 Virtual Camp FAQ

Why is BadgerBOTS changing to Virtual Camp this summer?

Given government and CDC guidelines for slowing the spread of COVID-19, BadgerBOTS is changing to virtual camps and online teaching for summer camp 2020. We feel this is the best solution for safe and fun experiences this summer.

What if my family does not have a computer for my student to use during camp?

BadgerBOTS will prepare their classroom laptops to lend to  families who do not have computers at home. We have a limited number available, so please only request if you really need one. You can add a laptop to your cart in registration by week, or you can send us an email requesting one as well. Laptops will need to be picked up and returned to BadgerBOTS.

What if Virtual Camp no longer works for my family and I want to cancel my registration? Will I get a refund?

Yes. BadgerBOTS will fully refund camp tuition in this case. Please email if you want to cancel any camp class. Include your name, the name of the student registered for camp, and the mailing address where we will send the refund check. Any registrations for Lunchtime Activities, Early Drop-Off, Late Pick-Up or Full Extended Day will be cancelled automatically by BadgerBOTS.

Note: Purchase Protection is not a BadgerBOTS service and is provided by Regpack. BadgerBOTS receives no money from Regpack for this insurance policy. Please see Regpack’s Purchase Protection FAQ.

I am fine with the changes to Virtual Camp and my current camp registrations. Do I need to do anything?

If the changes to Virtual Camp work for you and your family, you do not need to take any action. Camps will be changed to Virtual Camps automatically in your registration. Auto-payments will also be updated to reflect new prices and changes in our camp offering schedule.

Will the price of camp change?

We have lowered the price of all our camps to reflect the change to Virtual and, in the case of Junior camps for 2nd-3rd grade, classes are shorter. The price change has been automatically applied to your registration.

Will I get a refund for class price changes?

If you have paid for camp in full, or if the amount previously paid towards camp is greater than the total with the updated prices, we will send you a refund. Refunds will follow one of the options below:

  1. If you have paid in full for summer camp, we will refund the amount overpaid to you in full. You will not have to take any action. If you would like, you could donate your refund to BadgerBOTS. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, any donations made would help us to sustain our programming for students in our community and help provide scholarships.
  2. If you have made a partial payment towards camps, we will automatically adjust your remaining payment due to the current price. Auto-payments will be automatically adjusted as well. You will not have to take any action.

I signed up for Lunchtime Activities, Early Drop-Off, Late Pick-Up or Full Extended Day. Are these cancelled? Will I be refunded?

Lunchtime Activities, Early Drop-Off, Late Pick-Up or Full Extended Day are all cancelled. We will automatically cancel those in your account and you will not need to email or call to cancel these programs. Anything paid towards these will follow one of the options below:

  1. If you have paid in full for summer camp we will refund the amount for Lunchtime Activities, Early Drop-Off, Late Pick-Up or Full Extended Day to you in full. You will not have to take any action.
  2. If you have made a partial payment towards camps and plan to have your student attend Virtual Camp, the amount you have paid towards Lunchtime Activities, Early Drop-Off, Late Pick-Up or Full Extended Day will be automatically applied to the balance of your Virtual Camp sessions. You will not have to take any action.

What tools will be used for Virtual Camps?

We will use Zoom for video conferencing. Our class tools may be browser-based, may require downloading free software (for Minecraft and Roblox), or mayl be an app pre-installed on a BadgerBOTS Chromebook (LEGO Robotics). Below are links to learn more about these tools and online safeguards for youth.


Minecraft, Code Kingdoms and Minecraft Accounts

Roblox and Roblox Studio

Tinkercad (we will use Tinkercad Classroom to create student accounts)

Microsoft Makecode micro:bit Classroom

Scratch and CSFirst

Will the camp schedule and camp topics change?

We have made as few schedule changes as possible for 4th-8th grade level camps in our switch to Virtual Camps. All Camps will be led by a BadgerBOTS teacher through a Zoom video call each day.

  • LEGO Robot Olympics and LEGO Robotics Challenge will now be combined into one LEGO Robotics Camp
  • Camps will still be week-long, half-day camps. Morning session will still start at 8:30 AM and end at 12 Noon. The afternoon session will still begin at 1 PM and end at 4:30 PM.
  • The camp day will be structured similar to past years, with breaks for “snack” and “recess” type activities during the day, time for instruction and work time to play and test out projects.
  • Friday sharing time 

To adjust to the learning styles of younger students and to limit screen time for the 2-3rd grade age group, we have decided to make significant changes to our Junior Camp schedule. All Junior camps will have teacher guidance through a Zoom video call each day, but will also allow students to keep working on their own at any time during the week of camp.

  • Camps are now 2 hours per day, instead of 3.5 hours. Morning camps will be from 10 AM – Noon. Afternoon camps will be from 1 PM – 3 PM. The price of camp has been decreased to reflect this change.
  • The number of students per class is decreased from 12 to 8 maximum.
  • The LEGO Robotics and WeDO camps have been replaced with a kit-based Machines and Robotics Camp.
  • Scratch Junior has been replaced with two different Intro to Scratch Coding camps; Storytelling and Music & Sound. These camps will use instead of the ScratchJr app, but will allow for the BadgerBOTS teachers to better see and help students as they work on their coding projects.
  • STEAM Sampler will now be a kit-based camp

When do I pick up and return Equipment Kits to BadgerBOTS?

The pick up and return window for camps that have Equipment Kits is from 1 to 5pm on Saturdays.

Pick up for each week of camp will be the Saturday before that week of camp.

Return will be the Saturday after the last day of that week of camp.

Equipment Kits will have checklists of supplies and you will be responsible for making sure that all parts on the checklist return to BadgerBOTS.

More specific information about Equipment Kits will be sent to you before your camps begin.

What precautions are being taken with supply kit lending for camps?

LEGO Robotics Challenge, Micro:bit Makerspace, Microbit Robotics, STEAM Kit and Machines and Robots Kit camps will have supply kit lending for all students registered. We will first have a contactless pick-up and drop-off in our parking lot the Saturdays just before and after your week of Virtual Camp. We are also alternating the weeks we lend out our supply kits, so a kit out one week will be at the BadgerBOTS facility for another whole week before going out to the next student. While kits are back at BadgerBOTS, we will be cleaning and sanitizing all kit components following DHS? CDC?Guidelines. We will also provide directions for how to clean and sanitize at home if it is needed.

Plastic LEGO and other parts: 1. Soap wash 2. Sanitize 3. Rinse and Dry
Electronic parts: 1. Soap clean 2. UV Sanitize

Laptops and Chromebooks: 1. Soap Clean 2. Sanitize 3. Wipe and Dry

Our staff will be wearing gloves and face coverings when cleaning and assembling kits for student use.

What if I need to change or cancel my camp registration later in the summer?

Changing camp registration: If there is space in another camp, we can easily make the switch to a different schedule. Email to request camp schedule changes. 

Adding more camps to your registration: You can also sign up for camps throughout the summer. Registration for each week of camp will be open until 8 days before the program start date. 

Cancelling your camp registration: 

If you registered on or before May 20th (registration before the change to virtual camps) – Email to cancel. Please include your name, your student’s name, and your mailing address for refund. Your full camp amount paid will be refunded to you.

If you registered after May 20th – Our regular cancellation policy will still be in place.