3D Printing Class

$150 for 5 weeks – In-Person Instruction

Learn how to use a computer to design and modify 3D designs and artwork with Tinkercad, a beginner CAD (computer-aided design) website.  Over the five weeks, students will work on various design challenges focusing on developing their skills, as well as their own projects to be 3D printed on our 3D printers. The best part – we will have lots of time to improve designs and reprint as we go!

Age Range: Ages 8-12

Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to plan a design for 3D printing, considering connections, size, and strength
  • Be able to break a complex design into simple shapes, like spheres and cubes
  • Build confidence in keyboard and mouse skills needed to design in 3D on a computer

Class Overview – We plan our classes with student needs in mind and adjust to progress made each day. A typical schedule looks like:

Day 1 – Let’s learn Tinkercad! Learn the basics of the Tinkercad website and begin experimenting with 3D design. First project – Put your name on it! Create a useful object, like a bookmark or bag tag, and customize it by adding your name in 3D.

Day 2 – Create a 3D Puzzle Cube made of smaller shapes. This puzzle can only be solved if all the parts are put together correctly!. Students will practice the skills of object alignment, duplication, and grouping while making their custom puzzle.

Day 3 – Build a “blocky” style character, similar to LEGO or Minecraft. Resize, rotate, and combine simple shapes to make a more complex character design.

Day 4 – Practice designing using precise measurements to make a container with a lid. Learn about 3D printing tolerance and designing with allowance to make sure the lid fits well on the container. Customize by adding compartments, a handle, or other decorations.

Day 5 – Use the last day of class to work on a design idea of your own, or to improve or fix a design from earlier in class.