Afterschool Classes

Winter-Spring 2021

BadgerBOTS Afterschool classes are for students ages 8-10 and 10-14 years old. Class fees are between $125 – $175 per student.

Classes will be one day a week from 4:00-6:00 PM and will progress over 5 weeks.

All Afterschool Classes will be virtual, synchronous, via Zoom.

Class Topics

micro:bit Robotics – $175 – Virtual Instruction + Your own Robot Kit to keep

Remote controlled robot toys can be fun, but what if you could code your own instructions for a robot? Try the micro:bit Robotics class, and get started with Microsoft MakeCode and the Maqueen robot, a small but mighty robot.

Ages 10-14

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Handheld Arcade Coding – $165 – Virtual Instruction + Your own GameGo Controller to keep

Learn to code your own arcade-style games on the computer, and then bring them with you anywhere! In the Handheld Arcade Coding afterschool class, students will code and design games using a combination of JavaScript and block-based coding. Projects are easily downloaded to the pocket-sided GameGo controller, so students can take their creations out into the world.

Ages 10-14

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Minecraft I – $125 – Virtual Instruction

Ever wanted to tweak your inventory, create games like you’ve played in servers, or customize your Minecraft experience? Build your programming skills and dip your toes into game design by creating and testing mini-games. Make and keep three Minecraft projects or games, then play with others knowing how to keep it fun and fair.

Ages 10-14

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Minecraft II- $125 – Virtual Instruction

Class Prerequisite: Completed either Minecraft I afterschool or Minecraft Modding summer camp.

Now you’re ready to create four new projects! Tag-team game with exploding eggs in “Rise of the Werebunnies.” Launch into the sky, spawn a random zombie or two, or get special overpowered weapons with Lucky Blocks. Be the last one standing in The Hunger Games. Egg Wars: protect your egg because if another player destroys it, you will not respawn!

Ages 10-14

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Register online:

Our online registration system is called Regpack. If you have registered for a BadgerBOTS program in the past, log into your family account with your email and password. If you are new to BadgerBOTS programs, you will select your session and then make a family account.

Program Scholarships:

BadgerBOTS offers a limited amount for scholarship funds for program enrollment. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, complete registration but select “I would like to apply for a scholarship”. Next, complete and send in the teacher recommendation. Once received, BadgerBOTS will contact you about your status.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 5 students is required for a class to be held as scheduled. If there are fewer than 5 students registered, class will be canceled and your tuition refunded in full.

If you need to cancel your class registration, please let us know as soon as possible.  For cancellations, payments will be refunded minus a 25% administration fee if BadgerBOTS is contacted at least 8 days before the class begins. Any session cancellation notifications received after will not be refunded. All cancellations must be received in writing in order to be refunded (email is sufficient, or


Email or call Johanna Taylor, Lead Educator at (608) 831-6479