December 11 – micro:bit Virtual Workshop

“Digital Deck the Halls”
Friday, December 11th, 2020, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Digitize and customize your holiday decorations with the micro:bit and two winter-themed circuit boards. Learn how to program the lights on the tree to twinkle and use the snowflake speaker to play your favorite tune.

$35 Workshop +supplies/$51 Workshop + supplies + micro:bit for ages 9 and up

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December 4 – 3D Printing Virtual Workshop

“My Snowfamily”
Friday, December 4th, 2020, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Build your family to look like Snow-people in this 3D Printing workshop. Learn to use the alignment and duplication tools to make your snow family look picture-perfect.

$40 for ages 9 and up

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November 20 – micro:bit Virtual Workshop

“Hungry Hungry Dot”
Friday, November 20th, 2020 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Make the micro:bit into a tiny, handheld game with Hungry Hungry Dot. The Dot will move around the display when you tilt the micro:bit. When the Dot touches food you gain a point! How fast can you move the Dot to eat all of the food?

$25 Workshop/$36 Workshop+micro:bit for ages 9 and up

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November 13 – Minecraft Virtual Workshop

“Bumper Boats!”
Friday, November 13th, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Create a carnival ride in Minecraft. Learn the code to create small explosions all around your Minecraft boat. Bump everything out of your way as you row – blocks, mobs, and even other players!

$25 for ages 9 and up

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November 6 – 3D Printing Virtual Workshop

“Keepsake Container”
Friday, November 6, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Keepsake boxes are a fun way to store your most important items and keep them safe. In this workshop, learn to design a small container with a matching lid. Use your creativity to design and personalize the container for yourself, or as a gift for someone.

$40 for ages 9 and up

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October 30 – Minecraft Virtual Workshop

“One in the Chamber” Game
Friday, October 30th, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

One Arrow – One Chance! Create a tag game where players only get one bow and one arrow each. If you hit your target, you get a new arrow. If you miss your shot … you better be good at dodging arrows!

$25 for ages 9 and up

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October 9 – 3D Printing Virtual Workshop

Glowing Jack-O-Lantern
Friday, October 9th, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Design Your Own Spooky, Glowing Halloween Decoration! An LED bulb and battery will light up your creation.

$40 for kids 9 years old and up
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October 23 – micro:bit Virtual Workshop

Voice Activated LEDs
Friday, October 23rd, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Use code and a micro:bit expansion board to make colorful LEDs respond to your voice!

$35/$51 for ages 9 and up
Keep your materials after class!

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Roblox II Afterschool Class

You know a few methods in Roblox Studio, so create your own adventure-style game. Map, make a custom tool to harvest and collect with and sell those in the store for upgrades. Build obstacles and puzzles into the game, then see how they work when you play with other students.

Age Range: 10-14

Roblox I Afterschool Class

Learn the basics of programming by creating your own Roblox games using Roblox Studio. Begin with starter projects and learn to create game environments and items and learn Lua code by modifying existing scripts to improve the starter games.

Age Range: 10-14