Roblox Summer 2020 links to World and Item files for downloading. Click on the correct World or Item File This should start downloading to your computer. Choose “Allow” if you get an error message Where do downloads go on your computer? Probably to the downloads folder. Roblox Files for Camp 2020 File Name Link to […]

Tips for using Zoom for Summer Camp

Tips for using Zoom to join your BadgerBOTS Summer Camp class!

Summer Camp Kit and Materials Pick-Up/Drop-Off

Supplies Pick-Up and Return will take place in our parking lot. Read more about supplies pick-up and return here.

2020 Virtual Camp FAQ

BadgerBOTS Summer Camps will be all online. Read our FAQ page to learn about what is changing for this year.

Summer Camp Updates and COVID-19

BadgerBOTS is working to ensure that our summer camp programs are safe and fun this summer. Read camp updates here.

Virtual 3D Printing Class: Week 3 “Framed”

Welcome to week 3 of the BadgerBOTS Virtual 3D Printing Class! Make a custom 3D printed photo frame by following the video tutorials. The goals of this class are: To get people creating in Tinkercad while staying safe To teach new 3D design skills and strategies To inspire 3D design ideas To share projects with […]

Make a Solar Bug at Home

1. Order your kit
2. Get your parts in the mail
3. Follow along with the video!
$15 for parts and postage

Virtual 3D Printing Class: Week 2 “Space Stuff”

Week 2 Virtual 3D Printing Class is all about space.
Watch the videos and get inspired to create your own out-of-this-world projects.

Virtual 3D Printing Class: Week 1 “Junk Food”

Week 1 3D Printing Challenges are sure to make you hungry for a snack!
Watch the videos and then create your own tasty 3D treats! (Please, don’t eat the 3D printed items, they are made from plastic!)

Virtual 3D Printing Class

Design 3D objects online with Tinkercad and have them printed and mailed to you from BadgerBOTS! Week 1 Class starts March 23. Sign up for FREE!