BadgerBOTS Big Ideas

Choosing a camp or class topic can sometimes be tricky. Use the BadgerBOTS Big Idea tags to learn about the main structure and learning themes of a topic. Choose your class based on the Big Ideas which seem most interesting to your students, or ones to help them gain experience and build skills.

Teamwork – Students will often work in pairs or groups

Independent Work – Students will mostly work independently

Multiple Projects – The class has many different projects or robots and may require disassembling a previous project in order to start something new.

Long-Term Project – The class focuses mostly on one project or robot

Game Design – Game design components: game goals, player experience, rules, testing and troubleshooting

Engineering Design Process – Brainstorm, Plan, Build, Test, Observe, Repeat!

Puzzle and Problem Solving – Learning through puzzle solving. Troubleshooting to find and fix programming bugs or adjust a LEGO design.

Challenge Based Learning – Students are given a challenge, which allows them to create their own innovative solution.

Digital Art – Designing visually in a 2D or 3D digital space. Also, creating with sound and sound effects.

Digital Citizenship – This class will emphasize good Digital Citizenship, including respecting yourself and others online, and being knowledgeable about your digital footprint, giving credit and copyright, and how to make the best choices in what you see and share online.