BadgerBOTS FTC Teams Awards & Advancement

FIRST Tech Challenge(FTC) teams from across Wisconsin competed at the Fox Valley Qualifier on January 11th. BadgerBOTS teams 17235 – Mr. COD, 14064 – Apple CRISPR, 10686 – Phoenix, and 17395 – Parabola Robotics were present and had a great time. Team 15899 – Koi canceled due to weather conditions but will be competing at the Knack Attack Qualifier on February 1st.

At FTC events, teams have a very busy day, starting with an interview in the morning to the robot matches in the afternoon.  Every team starts their day with a 10-15 minute interview where in a concise manner they describe what they have accomplished.  This can include outreach to companies, the process of building their robot, and volunteering or running events for younger robotic teams.  From these interviews, judges determine the award winners.  In the afternoon, every team gets to run their robot on the competition field.   These are called the qualifying rounds and teams usually get 5-7 times to compete.  Each team is randomly matched with another team and they become alliance partners for the match.  Once all qualifying rounds are done, the top ranked teams get to select their partner teams for semi-finals.  The robot game ends when all the final rounds have completed.  For more information please watch the video.

Skystone Challenge Video

Team 17235 – Mr. Cod

Even though it was Mr. Cod’s first competition, they did very well. They won both 2nd Inspire and 1st Connect Awards. The Inspire Award is the highest award given. The Connect Award recognizes teams that make connections with the greater science and engineering community. Congratulations!

Team 10686 – Phoenix

Phoenix was the top-ranked robot team at the end of the qualifying rounds. They became the caption of one of the four alliances in the semi-finals. Phoenix went on to become the Captain of the Winning Alliance, the highest award for robot game. Also, they won the Design Award for the best well-designed robot at the event.

Team 14064 – Apple CRISPR

Apple CRISPR, a veteran BadgerBOTS team, won the distinguished Think Award. The Think Award recognizes a team with an outstanding engineering notebook. Apple CRISPR did very well in the robot game playing against Phoenix in the semi-finals.

Team 17395 – Parabola Robotics

Parabola Robotics, a rookie FTC team, started solid, getting ranked 2nd in the qualifying rounds for the first couple of matches. They were a strong contributor to their alliances’ successes. They have returned from the tournament with plenty of ideas for the future.

Mr. COD, Phoenix, and Apple CRISPR teams have won a chance to compete on February 22, 2020 at the Wisconsin FTC Championship. Good luck and high fives!