FTC Team 7979

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Apple Tau

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Team Name and Number:

Apple Tau (7979)

Team member names:

Victorio Amoussou, Nish Chakilam, Mayank Dornala, Riley Hunt, Sai Indukuri, Kaine Japuntich, Zach Logan, Meera Manoharan, Jared Menningen, Akhil Patel, Krishna Repalle, Nathan Swartz

Coaches and Mentors names:

Chris Hunt, Kevin Menningen, Morgan Japuntich, Sarah Japuntich

School(s) attending:

Memorial High, Middleton High, Jefferson Middle, Toki Middle, Kromery Middle

When and where do you usually meet?

Thursdays 6-8pm and Saturdays 2-5pm at the BEC

Contact Us:

Contact Chris Hunt (608-445-2654) or Kevin Menningen (608-213-7208)

Team History:

Our team began in the 2014 season with the blockparty challenge. Considering it was our first time, we did okay despite complications in design on the other various mishaps. We did somewhat better our second season and got to state (luck was a factor). This year, we hope to be able to make a functioning robot that can do well in competition without a whole lot of luck. We hope to use our adeptness at pie eating to accomplish the task.

About our robot:

Bambi, our robot last year, had four wheels and could drive. It also had an unstable arm that tended to act as a way of lifting the robot and not the balls. Attention to aesthetics were also lacking. However, because our arm was lacking & we could help score goals easier, we were picked at State for one of the final Alliances. Due to technical problems on the other Bot, we did not advance. It was a lot of fun!10897005_10153030557768069_6629705997771525020_n

What else do you do besides robotics?

Baking and cooking. Especially pies.