Scratch Online Games Class

Begin learning to make your own online games in Scratch (Ms. Johanna’s favorite programming language!). A racing game, a maze of obstacles, a platform-jumper, and a RPG-style adventure are just a few of the games we will create in this class.
Mondays Oct 4 – Nov 1
Wednesdays Nov 10 – Dec 15
Ages 9-14

Coding Artificial Intelligence Class

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, from voice commands and facial recognition to recommendations for which video to watch or item to buy online. Learn to make a machine learning system which will recognize images, answer voice commands, and have a conversation with you.
Wednesdays Oct 6 – Nov 3
Mondays Nov 8 – Dec 13
Ages 9-14

Handheld Arcade II Class

Build your game design skills in Handheld Arcade II. Add levels to your games, create more complex code using functions, and improve your game look with animations. Learn to launch projectiles and attack enemies, and how to plan out the steps to make a game of your own.

Thursdays Oct 7 – Nov 4
Tuesdays Nov 9 – Dec 14
Ages 9-14

Handheld Arcade I Class

Learn to code your own arcade-style games on the computer, and then bring them with you anywhere! In the Handheld Arcade Coding afterschool class, students will code and design games using a combination of JavaScript and block-based coding.

Mondays Oct 4-Nov 1
Thursdays Nov 11 – Dec 16
Ages 9-14

micro:bit Robotics Class

Remote controlled robot toys can be fun, but what if you could code your own instructions for a robot? Try the micro:bit Robotics class, and get started with Microsoft MakeCode and the Maqueen robot, a small but mighty robot.

Thursdays Oct 7-Nov 4
Tuesdays Nov 9-Dec14
Ages 9-14

Roblox II Afterschool Class

You know a few methods in Roblox Studio, so create your own adventure-style game. Map, make a custom tool to harvest and collect with and sell those in the store for upgrades. Build obstacles and puzzles into the game, then see how they work when you play with other students.

Age Range: 10-14

Roblox I Afterschool Class

Learn the basics of programming by creating your own Roblox games using Roblox Studio. Begin with starter projects and learn to create game environments and items and learn Lua code by modifying existing scripts to improve the starter games.

Age Range: 10-14

Minecraft II Class

Excited for more Minecraft Modding? This class builds on what students learned in previous classes by creating more complex Minecraft games and developing code for more interesting game play.

Tuesdays Oct 5 – Nov 2
Thursdays Nov 11 – Dec 16
Ages 9-14

Minecraft I Class

Ever wanted to tweak your inventory, create games like you’ve played on servers, or customize your Minecraft experience? Learn to code modifications to Minecraft with an online modding program and Java coding elements.

Thursdays October 7-Nov 4
Wednesdays Nov 10-Dec15
Ages 9-14