Roblox II Afterschool Class

Roblox II: Build an Adventure Game You know a few methods in Roblox Studio, so create your own adventure-style game. Map, make a custom tool to harvest and collect with and sell those in the store for upgrades. Build obstacles and puzzles into the game, then see how they work when you play with other […]

Roblox I Afterschool Class

Roblox I: Intro to Roblox Studio Learn the basics of programming by creating your own Roblox games using Roblox Studio. Begin with starter projects and learn to create game environments and items and learn Lua code by modifying existing scripts to improve the starter games. Next, move on to designing and publishing your own obstacle […]

Minecraft II Afterschool Class

Minecraft II Afterschool Class is for students who have either completed the BadgerBOTS Minecraft Summer Camp, or Minecraft Afterschool I. This class builds on what students learned in previous classes by creating more complex Minecraft games and developing code for more interesting game play. Age Range: Ages 10-14 Prerequisites: Taken either Minecraft I or previously […]

Minecraft I Afterschool Class

Minecraft I Introduction to Minecraft Modding, or coding changes to the basic Minecraft game using Java. Students will use a drag-and-drop version of Java to create mini-games and learn about methods and variables, conditionals and loops. Age Range: Ages 10-14 Prerequisites: None Learning Objectives: Use the Code Editor to create and run code on your […]