Virtual 3D Printing Class: Week 3 “Framed”

Welcome to week 3 of the BadgerBOTS Virtual 3D Printing Class! Make a custom 3D printed photo frame by following the video tutorials. The goals of this class are: To get people creating in Tinkercad while staying safe To teach new 3D design skills and strategies To inspire 3D design ideas To share projects with […]

Make a Solar Bug at Home

1. Order your kit
2. Get your parts in the mail
3. Follow along with the video!
$15 for parts and postage

Virtual 3D Printing Class: Week 2 “Space Stuff”

Week 2 Virtual 3D Printing Class is all about space.
Watch the videos and get inspired to create your own out-of-this-world projects.

Virtual 3D Printing Class: Week 1 “Junk Food”

Week 1 3D Printing Challenges are sure to make you hungry for a snack!
Watch the videos and then create your own tasty 3D treats! (Please, don’t eat the 3D printed items, they are made from plastic!)