FRC Team 1306’s 2020 Challenge Release

On January 4, BadgerBOTS FRC Team 1306 was excited to find out about this years challenge, Infinite Recharge.   FIRST Robotics Competition teams are to defend the FIRST City settlement from an asteroid shower by delivering power cells to fuel an operational field generator. For more information, see video below. Keep your eye out at for […]

Register for Summer Camp 2020

BadgerBOTS offers half-day camps for kids entering 4th-8th grade in the 2020-21 school year and “Junior” camps for kids going into 2nd or 3rd grade. Click Here to learn about the different camp topics and registration.

December 9 – Scratch Party!

“Scratch on Touchscreen!”
Monday, December 9th, 2019
6:30 – 8:00 PM
How do you make a computer game work on a tablet or phone?
How would you control your game without a mouse or keyboard? Learn about Scratch touchscreen controls and make your projects “Mobile-friendly”.
FREE for ages 7-14 years old Register Online

December 11 – Roblox Studio Workshop

“Roblox Mad-Libs”
Wednesday, December 11th, 2019
6:30 – 8:00 PM
You’ve been transported into a Mysterious Library…
…and find a book with empty pages where the words you write can change the story. Will your story be exciting, mysterious, or silly? Learn to create this “Mad-Libs” style interactive game, publish to Roblox, and play!

FREE for ages 9-14 years old
Register Online

Sign up open for 2020 Afterschool Classes

Take a look at the BadgerBOTS Afterschool Class topics for grades 3 to 7!
– Coding – Robotics – 3D Printing – Drones –

October 26 – Minecraft Night Hosted by FTC Team 10686 Phoenix

Saturday, October 26
6:00 – 9:00 PM
Have a fun night of Minecraft games and help FTC Team Phoenix raise money for their robotics season. Admission includes pizza dinner.
$20 for grades 4 – 8. Register Online.

Volunteer for the 2019 FIRST LEGO League Tournament

The annual Madison Regional FIRST LEGO League Tournament and Junior Expo is coming up. We are seeking volunteers to help in a variety of ways to serve the 40-50 teams who will attend this year! Click to learn about how you can help out.

Leadership Changes for BadgerBOTS

BadgerBOTS Robotics Corporation is excited to announce changes to our leadership team! Lisa Bartig, who many of you will know from her tireless work for BadgerBOTS and Wisconsin FIRST LEGO League, has agreed to become our new Executive Director. BadgerBOTS Founder and President Ben Senson will be our new Director of Educational Programming.

Register Now for Summer Camp!

BadgerBOTS offers half-day camps for kids ages 7 through Middle School. Our week-to-week schedule makes it easy to schedule a BadgerBOTS camp between travel, sports and other camps. Sign up for a morning or afternoon camp, or register for Lunch and stay at BadgerBOTS all day.

Pi Day Silent Auction

The Pi Day Silent Auction begins March 7th at 6 PM and closes March 14th at 8:30 PM.
This year, we’ve enabled mobile bidding, so you can participate in the auction – and win! – from anywhere.