Workshops @ BadgerBOTS

Our one-day-only workshops give kids a chance to dive deep into a single topic.

April 29 – Purring Cat App Inventor Workshop

Our app inventors will create their very own purring cat Android app!
$25 for ages 9 – 14

April 23 – Face Lock Coding with AI Workshop

Our security all-stars will crack the secrets of machine learning.
$25 for ages 9 – 14

April 23 – Mystery Countdown micro:bit Junior Workshop

Spend a fun morning with your kid as you learn about the micro:bit, a tiny but mighty computer!
$15 for ages 7 – 9 with Adult

April 22 – Cactus Garden 3D Printing Workshop

Happy Earth Day! Our prospective gardeners will design their very own cacti and succulents in this 3D printing workshop.
$40 for ages 9 – 14

April 16 – Maze Driving Car micro:bit Robot Workshop

Our robot technicians will create and code a micro:bit robot that “drives” around the classroom without a remote control!
$25 for ages 9 – 14

April 16 – Choose Your Own Adventure Scratch Jr Workshop

Spend a fun morning with your kid as you design a digital story together!
$10 for ages 6 – 9 with Adult

April 15 – Treasure Hunt micro:bit Workshop

Our treasure hunters will use micro:bit and radio signals to create their own hidden treasures.
$25 for ages 9 – 14

April 8 – Bowing & Glowing Minecraft Workshop

Our intrepid adventurers will create a player vs. player Minecraft mini-game featuring bows and arrows. And GLOWING!
$25 for ages 9 – 14

March 25 – micro:bit Workshop

“Catch a Star Mini-Game”
Turn the micro:bit into a mini gaming console with the addicting “Falling Star” game.
$25 for ages 9 -14
Purchase micro:bit kit to take home for $20

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March 18 – Minecraft Workshop

“Luck of the Slimeish”
It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Minecraft! Use code to create a Minecraft version of a Leprechaun – Slime that will drop gold whenever they are caught.
$25 for ages 9 -14

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