Coding Artificial Intelligence Class

$150 for 5 weeks – In-Person Instruction

We find artificial intelligence in almost every aspect of modern technology, from voice commands to facial recognition to recommendations for the next video to watch or an item to purchase online. Learn to program a machine learning system and add it to your coding projects and games. Create programs to recognize images, answer voice commands, and have a conversation with you.

Age Range: Ages 8 – 12

Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, how they are created, and how to identify examples in the real world
  • Understand the steps to create a Machine Learning system: Train a model, Test and Improve the model, and Build the model into a program
  • Think about the problems that Artificial Intelligence may have, like bias, and think critically about how people should use this technology responsibly

Class Overview – We plan our classes with student needs in mind and adjust to progress made each day. A typical schedule looks like:

Day 1 – Build a simple Machine Learning model to identify and sort pictures of two different animals. Learn about the steps for creating an AI model; Training, Testing, and Building. How well does your AI tell the difference between two animals? What are the ways to make the computer better at spotting the difference?

Day 2 – Confuse the computer! Learn about how computers recognize images and use what you learned to give the computer bad training data. If you only show the computer pictures of red tomatoes and green apples, will it be able to identify a red apple correctly?

Day 3 – “Hey, Google! Turn on the lights!” Use a voice recognition library to create your own digital assistant. Teach it to listen to your voice commands and follow your instructions. 

Day 4 – Continue to work on your digital assistant. Design it to only respond when you say its name, and give it the ability to follow more directions.

Day 5 – Create a biased movie recommendation program which will recommend a certain movie more often than the other choices. Next, fix the Machine Learning model so it is not so biased. Have you seen examples of bias like this on the internet?