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This form is now closed. All FIRST LEGO League events are complete for the 2023-24 season. Thank you!

Wisconsin FIRST LEGO League Explore 2023-24 Festival Registration

This form should be filled out once per team. If you're not sure whether your team's other mentor(s) have already filled this out, please check with them first. If you are registering multiple teams, please fill this form out separately for each team.


Priority will be given to teams' first Festivals. If capacity exists, teams may attend more. The participation fee of $25 per team per Festival will be requested after teams have been assigned to the Festivals. 


All questions should be sent to

Please contact if you would like to register for more than three Festivals.

If you have specific scheduling needs or preferences, please let us know here. (For example: "We can only attend a festival on December 10"; "We need to attend the festival at the regional that FLL Challenge team 12345 is attending.")

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