FTC Wreath Sale

Show your Christmas spirit by funding your local BadgerBOTS teams.
A selection of wreaths will also be for sale at the FLL Tournaments 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM, Nov 14 and 15 from the FTC demo booth.
The FLL Tournament is being held at James Madison Memorial High School, 201 S Gammon Rd, Madison, WI 53717.
22”-60” Wreaths    $25- $85 Velvet bow, two clusters of pine cones, red holly berries
Candy Cane      $35      Measures 14″ by 25″, velvet  bow, 2 clusters of pine cones,  and red holly berries
 Table Piece $35  Measures 14” by 12” tall (may vary) Arranged in a green bowl which water  can be added for longer freshness

 Includes cones and berries for decoration; Centerpieces may vary slightly from picture.


Cross     $35  Measures 18” by 24” Velvet bow, two clusters of pine cones, red holly berries


Garland                  25′ $50    50′ $85   25-50 foot roll of fresh heavy balsam garland


Swag     $25  Measures 8” by 14”  Velvet bow, one clusters of pine cones, and red holly berries.

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