Private Workshops and Scouts Programs

During the school year, we offer STEM workshops and classes for groups and scout troops. All programs charge a flat fee to cover materials and staff costs. For groups of 6, costs range from $70 to $150; costs increase for any additional attendees.

Choose from 6 workshop topics:

Solar Bugs: Our little engineers will learn about different forms of energy as they make BristleBots and Solar Bugs. At the end of the workshop, they’ll take their creations home.

Intro to LEGO Robotics: Beep beep boop boop! Our robot-makers will learn the basics of building and programming LEGO robots. They’ll build a robot that can move, program it to travel a specific path, and experiment sensors that change how the robot reacts to its surroundings.

LEGO Science Rover: Our little explorers will build their own version of Milo the LEGO Science Rover. First, they’ll use our LEGO WeDo kits to build a rover. Then, they’ll get Milo moving with programming. They’ll help Milo explore and make important scientific discoveries by coding robotics sensors.

3D Printing: Our visionaries will learn about 3D printing and design their own objects from scratch. They’ll be able to pick their 3D printed models up from BadgerBots a few days later.

Minecraft Mob Circus: Our Minecraft experts will use code to tame the mobs in a variety of entertaining ways. First, they’ll “train” mobs to stack and build a tower of pigs. Then, they’ll make a Creeper Catapult to send creepers flying through the air. And did we mention the flock of fantastic, color changing sheep?

Sewable Star Circuit: Our crafters will learn about wearable technology. First, they’ll investigate LED lights and circuits while planning out a star constellation design. Then, they’ll use conductive thread to sew a circuit and make their star constellations light up.

Our schedule is full for spring & summer 2023. Check back in the fall if you’re interested in getting on our schedule then!