Private Workshops and Scouts Programs

During the school year, we offer STEM workshops and classes for groups of 6 or more. All programs charge a flat fee to cover materials and staff costs. Choose from 4 workshop topics:

BristleBots: Our little engineers will learn about different forms of energy as they make BristleBots and SolarBugs. At the end of the workshop, they’ll take their creations home.

Drawdio: Our artists extraordinaire will learn what a circuit is and how it works. Then, they’ll make a Drawdio paintbrush and pencil and use them to create musical drawings.

Intro to LEGO Robotics: Beep beep boop boop! Our little robot-makers will learn the basics of building and programming LEGO robots. They’ll build a robot that can move, program it to travel a specific path, and experiment sensors that change how the robot reacts to its surroundings.

3D Printing: Our visionaries will learn about 3D printing and design their own objects from scratch. They’ll be able to pick their 3D printed models up from BadgerBots a few days later.

Interested? Please check back in Fall 2022 to get on our schedule for the school year.