Kid Inventors Use Empathy as Inspiration

Last week we wrote about a few inventions that were patented by kids.  Once you start to dig into this, it’s amazing – although maybe not surprising –  how inventive kids really are.  Some are on the goofy side, like the Hamster Helmet or trash catapult featured by Ellen. Some are pretty fundamental to childhood itself.  For example, who but a kid would have invented the popsicle or the trampoline?

The lists just seem to go on and on, with some of the inventions having life-saving or world-changing potential. Take a look at this list of the Ten Most Inspiring Inventors Under 18. Watch youth explain why they became inventors in the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Exposition video. For me, a big takeaway is that you’re never too young (or old) to invent!  So keep dreaming big and never stop tinkering with whatever problems inspire you!

“Even if an adult says you probably can’t do it, but you believe in yourself, you’ll probably succeed. You just need to believe.”

Kedar Narayan, National Invention Convention Inventor