Learning Online

Expand your STEM learning online with BadgerBOTS this spring!

Some of our resources are free for watching, learning, and creating. Some do have a fee for materials or to cover teaching time. Check out the different offerings below.

Spring Virtual STEM Classes

Google CS First and Scratch

Code a variety of projects using Scratch ans step-by-step videos created by the Google CS First program.

  • This is great for ages 7+
  • Beginner to intermediate coding experience with drag-and-drop code
  • 8 projects to try in each lesson (45 min per project)
  • Free!

3D Printing

Design along with Miss Johanna’s YouTube Video 3D Projects. Weekly themes have 2+ project ideas for learning new skills and getting inspired!

  • For all ages
  • Students should be comfortable using a mouse: right and left click, click and drag, and scroll wheel
  • Weekly videos are 15-25 minutes long to watch on YouTube
  • Free or Paid Options

Three Ways to Participate

Free Lessons

  • Register to join the free class
  • Get emails about weekly lesson videos

Print and Mail a Project $30

  • Register to join the free class
  • Submit your project to be printed
  • Get project in the mail!

Enroll in class for $100

  • Register for the Virtual Class, $100
  • Submit up to FIVE projects for Printing
  • All projects are mailed to you!

Solar Bug Bots

Solar Bug Kits

Build a little bot that uses solar power to move!

  • For all ages! Great activity to do together with younger children
  • Need Scissors at home
  • Watch the video to see how to make your own Solar Bug
  • $15 – Materials to make two solar bugs mailed to you!

Drag-and-drop code vs. Typed

Drag-and-drop code usually has a library of block code instructions. The blocks link or stack together to create an algorithm or program.

Typed code is what most people think of when they hear “programming”. Typed code usually has a library of suggestions that appear as the programmer types, but users can have errors in their code if something is mis-typed.