May 7 – Minecraft Virtual Workshop

“Endless Zombies”

Friday, May 7 • 5:00 -7:00 PM

Grab your best weapons and armor – it’s time to go zombie hunting!

Ages 9 and up



In this workshop, we will be creating a never-ending supply of zombies for players to use to practice their Minecraft combat skills. Use code to equip players with weapons and armor, then use a loop to continue spawning zombies, just like a “spawner” block you may find in a Dungeon. Battle it out with the zombie horde in a Minecraft arena by yourself, or work together as a team with your classmates.

Virtual Workshop Details: (Minecraft)

• BadgerBOTS Virtual Workshops are held using Zoom.

• Need computer* (Windows/MacOS/Linux) that can support Minecraft Java Edition and video calls. (*NOT Chromebooks)

• Keyboard and mouse are helpful to have.

• Meeting links will be emailed after registering for the workshop.

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