micro:bit Robotics Class

micro:bit Robotics

$150 for 5 weeks – In-Person Instruction

Remote controlled robot toys can be fun, but what if you could code your own instructions for a robot? Try the micro:bit Robotics class, and get started with Microsoft MakeCode, micro:bit and the Maqueen, a small but mighty robot. 

With a few lines of code in Microsoft MakeCode or JavaScript, you can control servo motors, LEDs, and get input from several kinds of sensors. In microbit robotics, we will build and code the micro:bit to control the Maqueen robot, and create different driving, following, avoiding, glowing, agile little robots.

Age Range: Ages 8-12

Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives:

  • Know how to create a program, download to the micro:bit, and run the program
  • Be able to identify inputs and outputs for the micro:bit and Maqueen
  • Use code to control motor movement, lights, and sounds
  • Understand how an ultrasonic sensor works and how to use it with MakeCode and the Maqueen robot
  • Understand how light and line following sensors work and how to use them with MakeCode and the Maqueen robot
  • Become more comfortable asking questions and troubleshooting
  • Practice good coding habits; naming programs and using comments, saving and backing up code

Class Overview: We plan our classes with student needs in mind and adjust to progress made each day. A typical week looks like:

Day 1 – Learn to identify the micro:bit and Maqueen robot components; motors, lights, sensors, and buttons. Understand how to create programs using Microsoft MakeCode javascript blocks, and how to download a program from the computer to the mico:bit. Practice coding instructions for the LED lights and Maqueen motors by creating programs to drive around and light up!

Day 2 – Review code for precise driving instructions for the Maqueen robot and create programs for the robot to drive precise paths. Create a custom driving path and then a program so the robot can navigate and drive along the path. Learn how to add sounds and music using the Maqueen speaker output.

Day 3 – Experiment with the ultrasonic sensor – used to detect motion and distance. Discovery the range of this sensor, and then use code to add ultrasonic sensor feedback into programs to help the robot avoid or drive towards obstacles.

Day 4 – Learn about the light sensors. Use the light sensor to create programs for the robot to react to a bright light, and for the robot to follow along a path made from tape.

Day 5 – Combine everything learned about the mico:bit and Maqueen robot to create a final project with the robot. Students can either create a custom set of obstacles for the robot to navigate through using sensors and code, or can use sensor feedback to turn the Maqueen into their own digital pet.