Minecraft I Afterschool Class

Minecraft I

$125 – Virtual Instruction

Introduction to Minecraft Modding, or coding changes to the basic Minecraft game using Java. Students will use a drag-and-drop version of Java to create mini-games and learn about methods and variables, conditionals and loops.

Age Range: Ages 10-14

Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives:

  • Use the Code Editor to create and run code on your own Minecraft server.
  • Learn methods and variables like string and boolean, timers, game set-up, and custom commands with code instead of command blocks.
  • Explore concepts of fairness and equity in game design.

Need: Computer with Minecraft Java Edition free download. Internet connection which can support video.

Helpful: 3-button mouse. Headset with microphone. Your own Minecraft account.

Optional from BadgerBOTS: Use a BadgerBOTS Minecraft account. Borrow a laptop.

Computer Requirements:

  • A computer with Windows, macOS, or Linux using Minecraft Java Edition downloaded for free here.
  • Minecraft accounts are not required. BadgerBOTS has student Minecraft accounts which students can borrow for their class.
  • Keyboard and mouse are essential, along with the ability to join video calls. A second screen is nice to have, but not necessary.

Class Overview: We plan our classes with student needs in mind and adjust to progress made each day. A typical schedule looks like:

Day 1 – Make accounts and get connected to Minecraft servers. Sheep City project: give arrows explosion effect on impact, make gold blocks into bouncy trampolines, and spawn custom sheep when a player mines a wool block.Learn about methods, variables, and parameters. 

Practice play-testing and troubleshooting in personal student Minecraft servers. 

Day 2 – High Noon Saloon: a wild west themed game with bows and arrows. Practice methods, variables, and parameters. Learn about boolean variables and conditionals to set up the game into rounds. 

Day 3 – Finish High Noon Saloon. Discuss game setup. What makes a game fair for players when they start and when they re-start games in Minecraft? Learn to use code to prevent new players from joining until the current round is complete. Practice building improvements to game world design for Player vs Player games.

Day 4 – Begin Blocky Races. Practice methods, variables, parameters, booleans and conditionals. Learn to use timers and for loops.

Day 5 – Finish Blocky Races. Use code to make sure that all players on a server begin the same race course from the same place and to prevent false starting a race. Use a timer and learn to teleport players in the game.