Pi Day Silent Auction

The Pi Day Silent Auction begins March 7th at 6 PM and closes March 14th at 8:30 PM.

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This year, we’ve enabled mobile bidding, so you can participate in the auction – and win! – from anywhere. That includes from home, in your pajamas, or in a different state (although you still have to come to the party to play with robots and get a slice of pie).

Here’s how to bid:
1. Visit our online auction site and register with your cell phone number.
2. Check out the goodies and note the item numbers of your favorites (4-digits, starts with zero)
3. Once the auction starts on the 7th, bid any time via the website or by text.

To bid by text:
1. First, enter the auction by texting the word “pie” to 855-735-2437.
2. Next, text an item number to 855-735-2437. You’ll immediately get a response showing the current price. (You can find the item numbers on the website or in the auction room at Pi Day.)
3. Finally, text your bid amount, with no dollar sign. Congratulations, you’re part of the auction!

Remember: Numbers with a “0” first are treated as item numbers; numbers without a “0” first are treated as bids.
Once you’ve started bidding, keep your phone handy. If somebody outbids you, you’ll receive a text to let you know!

After you start bidding, you may get update texts from multiple different numbers. All of these numbers are associated with the auction site, and you can just reply to the latest thread to keep things moving.

Bid by mistake? Don’t worry! Bids can be undone for a short window. Just follow the instructions on your phone.

If you win, pay by credit card, cash or check. We love cash or check to save on credit card fees!
Pick up your won item(s) at BadgerBOTS or arrange for us to mail to you (proof of payment required).

You can also donate to BadgerBOTS by text!

Create and account on the auction site, text DONATE, and then the amount of your gift.

View Items and Bid Now!

Happy Bidding! And we hope to see you on Pi Day!