Eat pie. Support STEM education.

LEGO pie created by Bill Ward of

Have you marked your calendar for this year’s Pi Day annual fundraiser? On Monday, March 14, from 5:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m., we’ll celebrate all things BadgerBOTS. We hope you’ll join us for robots, pie, and much more, including… our first ever LEGO® Building Contest!

This year’s LEGO Building Contest theme is… SPACE! Have you ever wanted to engineer the perfect space transport vehicle? Or perhaps you’d prefer to dream up a planetary landscape complete with alien flora and fauna? Or construct a self-sufficient moon colony? How you approach this theme is entirely up to you, as long as it somehow involves two things: space (obviously) and at least ONE moving object/feature. Our team of judges will review your creation and score it on originality, complexity, moving feature, use of color, and overall presentation. 

How will it work? The steps are pretty simple. 

  1. Fill out the entry form and pay the $20 entry fee. 
  2. CREATE! Build to your heart’s content. 
  3. Send a picture and the name of your creation to (This is optional—maybe you want to show it off early, or maybe you’re afraid it will crumble when you try to transport it…)
  4. Bring your creation in on Pi Day!

Virtual Entries

Can’t make it to Madison on March 14? Yes, we will allow virtual entries!!

  1. Fill out the entry form and pay the $20 entry fee. Make sure you select the “This is a virtual entry” checkbox.
  2. CREATE! Build to your heart’s content. 
  3. Show it off! Send the following to by noon on March 14:
    • The name of your creation
    • 2-3 pictures that show it from different angles
    • 1 short video that shows your creation and how the moving feature works (a simple, ~15 second smartphone video is enough—nothing complicated necessary!)

Additional Guidelines

  • We have limited shelf space, so your creation must be no larger than 15″ wide x 15″ deep. There’s no official height limit, but you probably want to make sure it can get in our front door. 
  • Use your own Lego®, Duplo, Megablocks or other Lego® compatible plastic brick.
  • Your creation must be your creation—no pre-designed kits, please.
  • We’ll have two age groups for judging: 5–13 and 14+. If you’re working in a team, your creation will be entered in the division of the oldest member of your team.
  • Each age division will award two prizes—Judges’ Pick and Crowd Favorite.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered here? Email us at and we’ll answer as soon as we can.