Registration Page

Welcome to the 2020 BadgerBOTS Summer Camp Registration Page!

Registration will be closed until Wednesday, May 20, at 10 AM for Updates

Review Steps to Register

Here are the steps to complete in order to register for our summer camps. Using a phone to complete registration is not recommended.

  1. Log In if you have registered for camps with us before, or Create a New Family Account 
  2. Complete the Parent/Guardian Information
  3. Add Emergency Contacts for your family
  4. Add Authorized Adults who are able to pick your students up at the end of the camp day (this can be completed later)

Next, add your first Child to register for camps.

  1. Include the grade number they will be entering NEXT school year (2020-2021)
  2. Let us know any important Educational, Medical, or Diet concerns
  3. Choose your Camp Session(s) – Organized by week
  4. Select a Payment Plan or complete a Scholarship Application
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions
  6. Checkout – Make at least a partial payment to secure your camp spot!

Add additional Children one at a time.

About Purchase Protection Insurance for Summer Camp 2020

The BadgerBOTS registration system for Summer Camp 2020 now has an optional insurance called Purchase Protection. 

We’re providing Purchase Protection to help reassure you while making decisions in this time of uncertainty. If some of our families add Purchase Protection, summer camp revenue becomes more secure allowing BadgerBOTS to continue providing great STEM programs for students.

Important points families should know:

  • This is optional insurance for summer camp tuition reimbursement if you need to cancel due to unexpected health reasons .  This includes cancellation due to Covid-19 illness of your camper or immediate family. Please read the terms for a full explanation.
  • Purchase Protection is automatically added to your summer camp cart in the registration process.
  • If you do not want Purchase Protection insurance you can remove it before you make a payment towards summer camp (see screen shot images, 2 steps)
  • Purchase Protection will cover the tuition cost of missed summer camp once a claim is filed and accepted, including if you have to cancel after partially attending.
  • If you have already made a payment and would like to add Purchase Protection, you can log in to your account and add it from the Checkout form. Click on your student’s name and navigate to “Checkout”
  • If you do not choose to add-on Purchase Protection BadgerBOTS standard cancellation policy applies.
  • You can add purchase protection to your order up until the first day of camp

Read more about Purchase Protection here:

FAQ https://www.regpacks.com/help/purchase-protection/purchase-protection-registrant/  

Terms https://www.regpacks.com/help/purchase-protection/purchase-protection-terms/  

How to Remove Purchase Protection from your Cart

STEP 1 : Click Remove and choose NO

STEP 2: This is how your screen will look when you have removed Purchase Protection from your order:

STEP 3 : If you have more than one child registered for camp, you will need to remove Purchase Protection from each child’s summer camp Checkout.