Roblox II Afterschool Class

Roblox II: Build an Adventure Game

$125 – Virtual Instruction

You know a few methods in Roblox Studio, so create your own adventure-style game. Map, make a custom tool to harvest and collect with and sell those in the store for upgrades. Build obstacles and puzzles into the game, then see how they work when you play with other students. Help them test their games and learn how to give and receive good feedback. Find out how Roblox developers make money with their games.

Age Range: Ages 10-14

Prerequisites: Completed either Roblox I afterschool or Roblox Game Design summer camp.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create, from start to finish, an Adventure-style game using Roblox Studio.
  • Review the world design tools in Roblox Studio.
  • Review menu navigation, including the Game Explorer and Properties menus.
  • Review saving and publishing games, and game privacy settings and safety.
  • Use Lua to create a game leaderboard to display player statistics in the game.
  • Create a script to make items harvest-able, which makes the item disappear when clicked, and also adds the item value to a player’s game stats.
  • Learn to add a tool to the player’s backpack.
  • Build a store and add upgrade options for purchase.
  • Develop a game while thinking about storyline, theme, and level of difficulty for players.

Need: Computer with Roblox Studio free download and Free Roblox Account. Internet Connection which can support video.

Helpful: 3-Button Mouse. Headset with microphone.

Optional from BadgerBOTS: Borrow a laptop.

Computer Requirements:

  • Must use a computer with Windows, macOS, or Linux. We will use Roblox Studio, which can be downloaded for free here.
  • Keyboard and mouse are essential, along with the ability to join video calls. A second screen is nice to have, but not necessary.

Class Overview: We plan our classes with student needs in mind and adjust to progress made each day. A typical schedule looks like:

Day 1

Intro to world building in Roblox Studio. Review of controls, camera, and Model menu tools. Create a building, practice terrain editing tools, learn about adding light sources, and create trees and plants.

Day 2

Creating Harvest-able items in the adventure game. Make a leaderboard to display player name and information. Use code to create a currency and value for harvest-able objects in the game.

Day 3

Learn to create a tool and give to players in the game. Make the tool used to harvest items on the map. Create a store to sell items.

Day 4

Create upgrades to sell in your game. Build more obstacles, traps etc. in your game to reach more valuable items.

Day 5

Final world building day. Playtest with classmates and learn about giving and receiving good feedback on games you have created. Learn about publishing games, monetization, and game passes.