Roblox Class links to World and Item files for downloading.

  1. Click on the correct World or Item File
  2. This should start downloading to your computer. Choose “Allow” if you get an error message
  3. Where do downloads go on your computer? Probably to the downloads folder.

Roblox Files for Classes

File NameLink to Download/Play

Galactic Speedway Starter World
In Roblox Studio Template Worlds

Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge

New Driftspeeder Asset Parts

Volcanic Island Challenge Starter World

Volcanic Island Creator Challenge

Move It Starter World
In Roblox Studio Template Worlds

Island of Move Creator Challenge

TouchPartRegister Script (Island of Move)

Example Adventure Game

Scale Character Download

If/Then Traps Download

Collection Tool Asset

Need more help with how to download? Look at these links based on which internet browser you are using

Google Chrome - WikipediaDownloading Files with Google Chrome
File:Safari browser logo.svg - Wikimedia CommonsDownloading Files with Safari
Firefox - WikipediaDownloading Files with Firefox
Microsoft unveils new Edge browser logo that no longer looks like ...Downloading Files with Windows Browser