Spring Break Camp

Full Day Spring Break Camp * For Ages 8–12 * In-Person Instruction

Plant the seeds of STEM learning when you sign your kid up for BadgerBOTS Spring Break Camp! We’ll tackle one big topic each day and guide students through hands-on building, developing, and coding.

Dates: Monday, March 28 – Friday, April 1
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. daily
Cost: $100/day
What to Bring: A sack lunch. (Delicious snacks will be provided.)

Daily Topics

Monday, March 28
Minecraft Flight School

Class Full! Waitlist Open

Up, up and away on elytra wings! Our ace pilots will learn how to earn a flying boost by gliding through floating rings. Then, they’ll use code to create a button that takes them back to the starting line. After they’ve gotten the basics down, they’ll design their own unique obstacle course—packed with loops and challenges—for their fellow students to try.

Tuesday, March 29
Cool Coding Contraptions

Class Full! Waitlist Open

If they can build it, they can code it! Our mini-architects will use the micro:bit microcontroller, motors, LEGO, and LEDs to build and code a variety of contraptions. Has your kid ever wanted to create a windmill? An automatic catapult? A tiny remote-controlled car? This is the perfect chance!

Wednesday, March 30
Handheld Arcade: Pixel Power

Class Full! Waitlist Open

Time to beat the high score! Our game developers will design and code an 8-bit style game. They’ll create a super-cool hero and design treasures, power-ups, and bonus items—then they’ll help the hero avoid danger and grab as many items as possible. At the end of the day, they’ll bring home a custom bead keychain featuring their game’s pixel-perfect hero.

Thursday, March 31
LEGO Robotics: Maze of Destruction

Class Full! Waitlist Open

Ready, set, demolition! Our building block engineers will create their very own LEGO robot and use code to teach it how to navigate a maze all on its own. After they’ve gotten the driving details down perfectly, they’ll switch gears and code the bot to demolish maze walls for a quick escape.

Friday, April 1
Machine Learning: Foolin’ With Fish

Class Full! Waitlist Open

Splish splash! Our computer whizzes will investigate machine learning and image recognition. First, they’ll simulate an ocean-cleaning robot whose only duty is to identify what’s trash and what’s a fish. Then, they’ll code their very own machine learning model to recognize specific images. And for some April Fools fun, they’ll experiment with tweaking their code to trick the computer into identifying objects incorrectly!