STEM Tools for Tomorrow 2020 Offerings

STEM Tools for Tomorrow is a group of new camps specifically designed for ages 13 years old and older. They were designed in house by our very own FRC Team 1306 and are ready for enrollment.

STEM Tools for Tomorrow is a group of three online courses, that can be taken individually or all together over five weeks. The courses start on July 20, 2020 and run until August 21, 2020. Topics include Java Programming, CAD, 3D Printing and designing art in Photoshop. The classes run Monday thru Friday and are from 2pm – 4pm. See below for descriptions.

Throughout these programs, students will participate in hands-on projects, such as coding their own mad-libs or 3D printing their name. Students will learn the ins and outs of industry-level programs such as OnShape, Cura, and Photoshop.

The best part is no previous knowledge is required! You can enroll in these courses knowing nothing about programming and walk away as a coding master.

CLOSED JAVA Programming 101 2 weeks (July 20 – July 31) Monday-Friday 2pm -4pm $150

It’s one thing to use your devices, but what about learning how they work? Without instructing our devices using code, performing something as simple as typing a letter would not be possible. In this course, students will use the free and simple software, jGRASP. This two week long course will start out simple by teaching basic JAVA input-output commands, and will progress into more abstract topics such as basic syntax structures. Throughout the course, students will test their knowledge by working on fun mini-projects, such as Mad-Libs. By the end, they will have adequate knowledge of JAVA programming to create their own personality quiz to express their creativity.

CLOSED CAD and 3D Printing 101: 2 weeks (August 3 – August 14) Monday-Friday 2pm-4pm $150 —- Sale $105

In the CAD and 3D Printing 101 course, students will be using OnShape, the same Computer Aided Design (CAD) software that is used by a wide variety of companies such as Nvidia and Trek. During the beginning of the course, students will learn how to use all the essential tools that OnShape offers, such as how to sketch, extrude, and assemble a project. Next, students will apply this knowledge to the next part of the course: 3D printing. This involves learning how to convert CAD models into G-code; this code that allows 3D printers to “read” CAD models using a software called Cura. In the end, students will be able to send their own CAD models to be 3D-printed; the final model will be processed and shipped by the BadgerBOTS team. Throughout this two-week course, students will engage in exciting projects which will include CADing a water bottle, 3D printing their name, and applying what they learned to bring their creative ideas to life.

NOTE: students are responsible for making sure they can run OnShape and Cura prior to class start. Certain systems (such as ChromeOS) or hardware limitations may not be compatible with the software.

Adobe Photoshop 101 1 week (August 17 – August 21) Monday-Friday 2pm-4pm $100 — Sale $65

Photoshop is an all-in-one software that serves as a creative tool; it allows artists to do everything from touching up photos to creating paintings. In this immersive Adobe Photoshop 101 course, students will learn the basics of how to navigate the software and eventually create their own pieces of digital art. Starting with learning about manipulating layers and transforming images, students will create their own meme. Later on, students will be equipped with the knowledge to let their creativity flow and design their own logo or promotional poster for a fictional company. For all types of students, this course introduces lifelong skills that are involved in jobs such as graphic design, marketing, or even creating professional presentations. NOTE: students are responsible for purchasing or obtaining a free trial of Photoshop prior. Certain systems (such as ChromeOS) or hardware limitations may not be compatible with the software. 

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