Summer Camp Kit and Materials Pick-Up/Drop-Off

Some of the Summer Camps have a kit of materials that need to be picked up from BadgerBOTS and then returned after the week of camp is complete.

Supplies Pick-Up and Return will take place in our parking lot. Just drive up and we will come out to your vehicle to confirm your materials needed, then bring them out to you, or take the returned materials.

Saturday before Camp

1-5 PM

Pick up supplies from BadgerBOTS

Friday after Camp

Go over supplies checklist

Get supplies ready to return to BadgerBOTS

Saturday after Camp

1-5 PM

Return supplies to BadgerBOTS

Please Return your borrowed supplies on time! Things must be returned the Saturday following camp so we have time to clean, sanitize, and organize before the next camp.

Kits of materials will come with a list of items to return, but if you loose your checklist, you can find the digital files here: