Virtual 3D Printing Class: Week 1 “Junk Food”

Welcome to the first week of the BadgerBOTS Virtual 3D Printing Class!

The goals of this class are:

  1. To get people creating in Tinkercad while staying safe
  2. To teach new 3D design skills and strategies
  3. To inspire 3D design ideas
  4. To share projects with others

Every week, BadgerBOTS will create a different Topic with instructions and/or videos for different levels of Tinkercad experience. Students are free to look at and try all Challenge Levels.

Tinkercad and 3D design can be challenging but stick with it! By trying something each week, you will build your skills.

Week 1 Challenge Level 0

Log in to the Tinkercad class and learn about Tinkercad tools.

  1. Follow the class link (emailed once you sign up)
  2. Log in with your Nickname
  3. In the top toolbar to the right, click LEARN
  4. Try all 7 Starter Lessons
    1. Place It
    2. View It
    3. Move It
    4. Rotate It
    5. Size It Up
    6. Group It
    7. Align It
  5. Go back to the Dashboard, Create a new Design, and Experiment!

Week 1 Challenge Level 1

Junk Food Box – Copy the box or wrapper for a type of junk food or snack, or create your own! The box or wrapper should be flat on the Workspace.


  • Place and Rotate
  • Change the Color
  • Change the size and height
  • Use Scribble
  • Undo
  • Duplicate
  • Nudge

Week 1 Challenge Level 2

Candy Bar – Create custom shapes to act as a “mold” – carving away from a solid shape to create details.


  • Resize
  • Select multiple shapes
  • Combine shapes to make custom shapes with Group
  • Align shapes