Virtual 3D Printing Class

Design along with Miss Johanna’s YouTube Video 3D Projects.

Weekly themes have 2+ project ideas for learning new skills and getting inspired!

Who can participate?

  • All ages!
  • Students should feel comfortable using a mouse: right and left click, click and drag, and scroll wheel

What you need to get started:

  • Internet connection
  • Device with 7 inch or bigger screen
  • Sound capability
  • Keyboard and Mouse

Why try 3D Printing?

  • Different Challenges Every Week
  • Videos are 15-25 minutes to watch, but designing a project can take as long as you wish
  • Practice Design Thinking, using the metric system to measure, and using a computer to create in 3D space

3 Ways to Participate

Free Lessons

  • Register to join the free class
  • Get emails about weekly lesson videos

Print and Mail a Project $30

  • Register to join the free class
  • Submit your project to be printed
  • Projects are printed in one color – but you can choose!
  • Get project in the mail!
  • $30 covers time, materials, and postage for each project

Enroll in class for $100

  • Register for the Virtual Class, $100
  • Submit up to FIVE projects for Printing
  • Each project is the color you choose
  • All projects are mailed to you!

US Postal Service Statement on Coronavirus:

How to Join the BadgerBOTS Class:

  1. Register to Join using the form below and create a student “Nickname”
  2. Receive an email with the class link to join from Ms Johanna
  3. Try the weekly challenges and lessons
Fill out my online form.

Fill out my online form.