What’s a micro:bit?

What’s a micro:bit?

For summer and spring break camps, afterschool classes, and workshops, BadgerBOTS offers a few different programs which use a piece of technology called the micro:bit. But what is this – and why might your student be interested in these classes?

The Hardware

The micro:bit is a micro-controller development board – a device which lets users download and run their own programs and connect different hardware components. The micro:bit has lots of parts packed in to its small size.

  • LED display – like the blinking hearts above
  • Buttons
  • Radio – send messages to other micro:bits wirelessly
  • Accelerometer and Compass – for movement and direction
  • Input-Output Pins – connect to motors, speakers, and more

Jump Right In To Coding

At BadgerBOTS, we use Microsoft MakeCode to program the micro:bit. Students choose either drag-and-drop, or Javascript language, to create their code.

Add-ons and Expansion Boards

The micro:bit may be a simple device, but there are many different kits of add-ons as well as expansion boards that can be combined with the micro:bit. The Maqueen robot kit and the Basic:bit kit are two that we use at BadgerBOTS.

A micro:bit Nyan cat with animated face and moving tail!