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We spark awareness.

When we go out into the community, we focus on bringing activities that connect the dots from everyday life to STEM. What's better than seeing an LED bracelet light up when you make a circuit? Watching a kid light up when they make the circuit.

Building relationships

The more diverse the minds, the more abundant the ideas.

That's the guiding thought behind our community engagement program. We visit  community centers in underserved neighborhoods weekly, focusing on activities uniquely designed for kids of color and young girls. By showing how STEM can fit in their lives, we hope that they decide to embrace it as part of their future.

If your community center is interested in joining our program, please reach out to us.


Showing off STEM

We love to share what STEM can do, so we also host one-time pop-up events that give kids just a small taste of what we do. From Troy Farm to Goodman Library to Madison Children's Museum, we travel as far and wide as we can to share with as many families as possible.

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